Bellydance by Danielle


Danielle started learning bellydance in 2006 as a hobby and quickly fell in love with the art form, raq sharqi (Egyptian bellydance). She has been an eager student ever since, continuing with weekly classes, forums, online resources, and attending workshops whenever possible. She has studied with Suzy, of Shimmy Dance Productions, for 10 years. Some of the workshop teachers Danielle has participated in include Raqia Hassan, Faten Salama, Tito (of Egypt), Suhaila, Nourhan Sharif and Karim Nagi. 

She quickly moved up to performing and eventually took teacher training, through Suzy, and taught for her for a while. Danielle has participated in numerous events for private customers and public events. You may have seen her at Artember and Culture at the Creek, the Airdrie Home and Lifestyle show, the Chinese Street Festival and Chinese New Year, volunteer and charitable events such as the One World of Dance, or Paros on Main.

Emad and Carol of Son of the Pharaoh have been influential with Danielle's dancing. They have been a wonderful resource for costumes, props, and information for workshops and shows. They also have a unique collection of Egyptian imports.

Danielle enjoys receiving her subscription to the Bellydance Quickies (BDQ), by Mahin. It has made an important and educational impact on Danielle's dancing. Mahin provides motivation and inspiration that encourages the continuation of learning and performing. Topics include  background knowledge of the art form and music, technique, and videos of other talented dancers.You can find out more about Mahin and her online instruction and touring workshops at